Hi, my name is Branko Gregov. I would like to give you some insight as to the purpose of this site and also a little background information about myself.

I was born in Croatia, spent my childhood in Australia and at age thirteen moved to Canada where I reside today.

I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children.

My aspirations as a teenager were to become a painter or an architect.  I had no real interest in photography until shortly after high school when I started looking through books and magazines and saw that photography could be more than just a picture, it could be a way of expressing how one sees the world around us, it could show who we are and it most definitely could be art.

After expressing to my mother the desire to become a photographer she gave me the money to buy a camera and a few months later I enrolled at a local art school.  This is where I began learning about the basics of photography such as lighting, composition, processing and printing.

I felt very passionate about photography and after a couple of years of art school I enrolled at a college offering a two year commercial photography program.

After college I came very close to opening a photo studio with a partner but things did not go quite as planned.  As life would have it, I ended up going in another direction and though photography did not become my sole livelihood, it has remained my main passion.

Showing the beauty that surrounds us whether in nature or man made through fine art photography is what this site is about.  I hope you find theses images to be more than just nice pictures,  I hope that they convey a mood, a feeling and maybe even bring a smile to your face.

May these images reflect the joy I take in photography...



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